Everything happens in the kitchen. For years, we’ve heard that the kitchen is the heart of the home – there is no denying that – but it is not just the heart. Life happens in your kitchen. It is the backbone, the sturdy center, and the backdrop for your family and friends. The kitchen is the hub for an engagement celebration, the buffet line for summer cookoffs and the gathering place for evening cocktails with the neighbors.

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While the momentous moments like birthdays and holidays happen in the kitchen, the small and unexpected moments are just as important. Late night talks at the island with a friend who has just come into town or propping a toddler up on the counter to take care of a scrapped knee. Your first cup of coffee in the morning – walking into your kitchen every morning and feeling excited, at peace and reveling in that moment every morning. This is the life of the kitchen.

This year, we’re going to look at everything that happens in the kitchen. We’ll look at how a design can elevate the kitchen space from a place based on utility – to a space that enhances every day moments. The effect finishes and materials can have on a home, and how any home’s surroundings can lend itself to inspiration.

We want to know what happens in your kitchen. From the hilarious to the joyful – to the tantrums and hissy-fits – we want to share it all with you. Your fondest memories and cherished moments. Day-to-day life plus surprises and celebrations. This year, we’re celebrating not only what the kitchen signifies in each family’s home – but what goes on in the kitchen to make it uniquely yours. To make it uniquely ours. To make it the space in everyone’s home where everything happens.


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Follow us through the year to see what’s happening in our personal kitchens, hear stories about our clients’ kitchens and share your stories as well. Cheers to 2018 and we look forward to sharing #everythinghappensinthekitchen with you throughout the year. Stay

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