Mikal Otten

Owner, Designer

Mikal pushes the boundaries of kitchen design and seeks out unexpected, elegant solutions to practical problems. He excels at balancing the technical with the creative, and the result is something unique, stunning and functional. He credits his father with fueling his passion for kitchen design. Mikal’s unique approach and perspective help him see beyond the confines of measurements and space plans. He develops a vision for each kitchen that takes on a rich life and story of its own.

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Scott Grandis, CKD


With more than 40 years’ experience in kitchen design and installation, Scott describes his work as surprising, intentional and balanced. His clients seek him out for both his engaging personality and his eye for design, and he thrives on the creative challenge each new kitchen design brings.

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Marcus Otten


Marcus approaches his work with the following belief: “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution.” That level of sincere thoughtfulness and care is evident in his interactions with clients and in each of his projects.

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Paul Anderson


Paul joins the EKD team with nearly 30 years of experience within the luxury kitchen design industry. From operations, to design and manufacturing – he is well versed in each aspect of kitchen design.

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Baroque Fineberg


Making his way back to Denver from Houston, Baroque brings more than 30 years of strong design work to EKD. Baroque’s approach to designing kitchen spaces breaks down the fundamental kitchen elements and arranges them in an artistic and refreshing manner.

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Our Team

Lisa Otten
Partner, Controller 

Lisa is the glue that truly keeps EKD running like an incredibly well-oiled machine. While Lisa manages EKD’s operations from IT to logistics, she’s also co-founder of EKD, along with her husband Mikal.

With lifelong roots in the industry, Lisa is committed to strengthening and pushing the EKD team in all endeavors.

Mel Karlson
Project Manager

With over 20 years of experience as a Project Manager in high-end kitchen design firms, Mel is dedicated to bringing the designer’s vision to life.  She oversees the EKD team of Project Managers who are all focused on excellence, client service and providing a truly exquisite experience to our clients.

Donovan Schoenrock
Project Manager

Donovan, with years of installation experience prior to becoming a project manager, has a unique and thorough understanding of the details it takes to make a kitchen exquisite.  This knowledge allows Donovan to engineer complex and unique designs that function.

Annie Martin
Project Manager 

Upon receiving a degree in interior design at the University of Georgia, Annie worked for a builder, designer and architect in Atlanta before packing up her family and moving out to Denver to join the EKD team.

Her meticulous attention to detail, strong work ethic, and history in the industry make her a well rounded project manager.

Lynne Thielen
Marketing Manager 

With a background in agency life and a lifetime of industry knowledge, Lynne loves the culture of passion and innovation at EKD. Tackling everything from events and public relations to photo shoots and social media, she’s constantly in motion.

A love of strategic planning coupled with a knack for networking, she’s constantly churning the waters for the next opportunity for EKD.

Terry Madsen
Installation Superintendent

Without a doubt, Terry is the master coordinator on the ground floor at EKD. As a custom home builder and installer his entire life, Terry knows every step of the process and is on hand and supervising each EKD project.

As a gifted woodworker himself, his technical skills and attention to detail make him a tremendous asset to the EKD team.

Joel Oatten
Field Operations

As EKD’s warehouse controller, Joel is constantly taking care of all components of a clients dream kitchen. He takes incredible pride in knowing the client’s materials were handled with great care. Completing projects that meet Exquisite Kitchen Design’s standards motivates Joel to keep pushing and improving the process every day.

Chris Davis

As part of EKD’s warehouse team, Chris helps keep EKD deliveries and installation on schedule. He is busy ensuring and reassuring clients that every piece of their new kitchen will arrive safely, soundly and in the impeccable condition.

Chris enjoys the joy and satisfaction of a happy client and a job well done.